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Unread postPosted: September 13th, 2019, 8:41 pm 
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It is most regrettable that using the term “Islamophobia” has become the new method adopted by members of terror-linked groups in Canada– specifically the Muslim Brotherhood– which is designated as a terrorist organization in many countries worldwide.

“In 2017, Canadian House of Commons approved a Motion condemning “Islamophobia.” It was submitted in the Canadian Parliament by a Liberal MP with alleged connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, Iqra Khalid. Ms. Khalid is of Pakistani origin – a country that criminalizes Islamophobia and any criticism of Islam. She presented this motion, which appears to give Islam a privilege above any other faith in Canada.

It seems that the current plan of political Islamic movements in Canada, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, is to make the use of the term “Islamophobia” in political, media and cultural discourse normal and repetitive, in order to put pressure on the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau to achieve their interests. The Muslim Brotherhood has found a safe haven on Canadian territory indeed.

The formula is surprisingly simple: If Trudeau is prime minister, the Nation of Islam is empowered, advanced, funded and protected by PM Trudeau & Co. If Trudeau is not prime minister, there is a chance Islam MAY NOT become the dominant religious force in Canada.

he Trudeau Goverment-Muslim Brotherhood connections have been whispered in the wings from the day Justin seized control of society. Rumours of MP’s Ahmed Hussen, Iqra Khalid and Omar Alhagbra affiliations have been blowin’ in the wind ever since a gang of religious supremacists pushed M103 into the consciousness of Canada.

“A large problem is that the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada is trying to speak on behalf of all Muslims in Canada about “Islamophobia,” and pressures the Canadian government to achieve its goals. However, the fact is that many Muslims living in Canada have not given any permission to the Muslim Brotherhood to speak on their behalf about Islam.”

Okay, CAP can accept this. No one is saying that every Muslim Canadian wants militant Islam to gain power within our borders. Yet, we believe the aforementioned MP’s are desirous of this very thing.

Such is the world of religious and ethnic supremacy. Note how within Canadian society, the only form of “supremacism” which exists is white supremacy. Please do tell–would an objective, common-sense Canadian(a non-Liberal, obviously) disagree with the idea that Muslim Brotherhood is steeped in religious supremacist belief?

“The Muslim Brotherhood in Canada is using the term “Islamophobia” to manipulate and achieve its own goals and interests. Canada is becoming more and more primed, with the help and influence of Islamic groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the Liberal government, eventually to become an Islamic caliphate and, sooner than that, a safe haven for terrorists.”

Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s Canada. How many Canadians voted for this? Other than a handful of myopic MP’s and ethnocentric not-for-profit organizations, that would be NO ONE

READ MORE: Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen Grant Islamic Terrorist Convicted For Mass Murder Plot Canadian Citizenship

While running for prime minister of Canada, how many times did King Justin publicly proclaim that if elected prime minister, he would do all he can to integrate fundamentalist Islam into the fabric of Canadian society? We know the answer– ZERO times.

What a deceptive fraud this man is. A genuine political DISGRACE. The worst prime minister in Canadian history. No one can possibly hold a candle to King Justin–except perhaps his father, former Liberal PM, Pierre Trudeau.

Canadians will got to the polls on October 21st, 2019. Millions of Canadians–including Anglophones and Christians–the very people our government hate–will vote for Trudeau, thereby accelerating the demise of their very own communities.

It is fair to conclude this situation is UNNATURAL. No one votes to destroy their community, family heritage, identity and values. Or do they? Enter mainstream media, stage right. These folks are the modern day “Fix-It-Up-Chappies”(Dr. Suess).

CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest are working diligently to cover-up all nefarious elements of the Trudeau Dynasty assault upon society. One of the worst is John Ivison, perhaps media’s number one spin-doctor. He who just released what appears to be a collection of propaganda lies designed to line his own pockets, while deceiving Canadians into believing Trudeau is person of “substance.” Talk about a fool’s errand!

CAP doesn’t see Ivison, John Ibbison, Chantal Hebert and Andrew Coyne enlightening Canadians regarding any element of King Justin’s covert plan of cultural eradication. This would, in effect, CUT OFF the tax-payer funding the Liberals have blessed Liberal-Globalist media with.

Muslim Brotherhood calling the shots within Canadian society? Of course, it SOUNDS absurd, but the sound of it in no way negates the possibility. We are living in a Trudeau Canada–a precarious place to live for Conservatives, Christians and Anglophones. And yet within Justin’s “no core identity” Canada these folks benefit from “white privilege.”

How absurd. ... -ravNjMGDI

Canadians, vote Mr Trudeau out please.

The Russian Rock It

Unread postPosted: September 14th, 2019, 9:39 am 
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Just wild allegations without any proof.

A claim for equality of material position can be met only by a government with totalitarian powers. Friedrich August von Hayek

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