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Started by Herman, August 16, 2023, 07:40:26 PM

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Quote from: Frood on November 25, 2023, 11:49:21 PMThere's not much worth watching these days...

Most of it is overloaded with gay black latino chinese transgender circus midget amputees on the spectrum playing popular characters in European historical stories, or a bunch of 5 foot 5 tall girls taking the spots of masculine superhero character icons.

Fuck that.

I'm mostly doing 1930's to 1970's movies now, but nothing with Dick Van Dyke. Fuck that annoying little prick.
I have not been watching much lately. But, this is what I am hearing from other people.


I watched the new Candyman on Netflix. I hated it. It portrayed Candyman's murder spree as being justified because he was fighting White oppression of Coloured folks.


The series "Julia", dealing with Julia Child's story isn't a bad watch, despite the woke bits interjected, such as a hubby in the shadows, women reduced, and colour as a precursor to success..

The series still retains enough relevance to overlook the woke programming.


I thoroughly enjoyed the 1955-ish made movie Blackboard Jungle with Glenn Ford and Sidney Poitier. It mirrored so many of the woke talking points of these days, but did it more sanely.

Some might say that it's a genre of white saviour complex movies, but consider the time period after the war...and the rapidly changing culture in the youth... besides which Sydney Poitier went onto a major quintessential movie roll later on his career dealing with the same classroom topic, as well as Edward James Olmos and even that talentless turd Michelle Pfeiffer.

The juxtaposition of a WW2 serviceman having to go to an girls university to get his degree in teaching, then scramble for any job with his less than Ivy League background perfectly balanced the theme of bad teens in the worst school.

Glenn and Sydney delivered acting wise.

Worth a watch:


Equalizer 3 was the best damned movie of 2023.


I watched the limited series Money Heist-Berlin. All eight episodes were really frickin good.


I watched a limited British series called Fool Me Once. Damn, it is good.


I watched Belfast. It is set in 1969. It is about a boy growing up in a protestant neighborhood in Belsfast. It was pretty good.


I watched a South Korean limited series called A Killer Paradox. I am glad I did. it was good.