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Rumble videos?

Started by Garraty_47, September 23, 2023, 02:04:27 PM

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Does the site currently support embedding videos from Rumble and if not is that a feature that's being considered?

I just started re-uploading my Misc.Derbis videos (currently only on YouTube) to Rumble and intend to post future Misc.Derbis videos to Rumble exclusively.

Fuck YouTube.
I've known since it was gobbled up by Google that it was/is problematic but the latest stunt with Russel Brand is the last straw. I'll probably keep one of my channels there to post unserious and/or frivolous content but everything else will be on Rumble.

Biggie Smiles

Currently no.

SMF developers say this is a problem with the providers and not their software

which I do not believe because third-party code writers seem to have the ability to do it.

If we feel these features bring value I'll engage the third party. It's only a 20.00 expenditure that I don't mind absorbing if we feel it's worthwhile

Shen Li

We have to click on the Rumble link. Big fucking deal.


Quote from: Shen Li on September 23, 2023, 02:44:15 PMWe have to click on the Rumble link. Big fucking deal.

I feel the same; just wanted some clarity.


I haven't seen a forum where Rumble videos embed.

Adolf Oliver Bush

I would see Rumble, Odysee, Bitchute and Locals included as inline content on the forum. And I imagine that it is indeed possible to do, given that most (if not all) of these examples can be included already, were it not for the security vulnerabilities posed by turning on http code for regular users.

Biggie is right - third party coders can script it to allow the functionality in php, so I would guess SMF's obfuscation is likely rooted in something else. Ideological most probably.
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I post Rumble videos sometimes. Mostly Odins Man.