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Biden wants to bring Europe's war on food to the US

Started by DKG, May 15, 2024, 11:43:15 AM

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The Biden administration's $5 billion rural aid package includes many of the same restrictions that have sent prices soaring and led to shortages throughout the continent. We can't let it happen here.

Throughout history, when food production is radically changed or when agriculture is disrupted, the results are catastrophic.

Europe has been doing this ever since the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015. The United States would be exactly where Europe is now, but Donald Trump disrupted the entire shift. Today, European farmers are so fed up that they are spraying government buildings with manure in protest.

Have you heard about any of these protests in any real detail on the news? Remember the yellow vest protests? The coverage was everywhere, and it was 24/7. Why such sporadic reporting in comparison on these farmer convoys and protests?

No one is asking the farmers why they're leaving their fields to protest in the city. It gets minor mention, or you see articles like this from the Guardian, which, in the writer's "expert" opinion, claims the farmers are "being exploited by the far right."

It surely isn't about Europe's crazy Agenda 2030 plan. It isn't about diesel prices blowing through the roof or fertilizer becoming more expensive and less available. Or how about the fact that government regulators are more concerned with globalist climate goals than the economic wellbeing of the people they claim to represent? That's what happens when you are governed by unelected bureaucrats beholden only to the globalist elites.

Less land, less food
The European Commission published its plan to completely upend food production. It's masked in words like, "to increase the resilience of agriculture and forestry against climate change." It points out that agriculture accounts for 10% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the EU. The next line lays out its plan for a quasi-nationalization of every industry and means of production in Europe.

It says farming emissions come behind energy, transportation, residential, commercial, and finally, agricultural industries. It wants direct government interference in basically every industry until there's no private industry left. This is 21st-century fascism, and it has nothing to do with climate. This is a power play. It's about seizing control.

But the problem for these neofascists is that farmers are not the type to let anyone push them around. That's why we're seeing farmers protesting all over Europe right now.

The EU's agriculture climate document discusses cracking down on two major "greenhouse gasses": methane and nitrous oxide.

Methane emissions come mainly from livestock. Cutting those emissions could entail anything from culling herds to mandating different kinds of feed. This alone radically alters how much food is available, and it incurs new expenses atop already sky-high operating costs.

Nitrous oxide is a major component of fertilizer. We all know where this leads: a full-on ban. Two years ago, a ban on nitrous oxide led to the absolute collapse of food production in Sri Lanka. One rice farmer told Reuters: "Last year, we got 60 bags from these two acres. But this time it was just 10."

The European Commission's plan for farmers includes "Green Direct Payments." These are effectively bribes for anyone who bends the knee. To get these bribes, farmers and ranchers must "maintain permanent grassland" — in other words, farm less land. That means less food.

They must also "undertake crop diversification." This is the European government telling farmers what to plant. How on earth did farmers survive thousands of years without "experts" in their government telling them how to do their job?

Finally, they must "dedicate 5% of arable land to ecological focus areas." This also means fewer crops and less food.

Keep in mind, in Europe, these are not suggestions. This document describes the "monitoring process" that will be employed, and how it is all backed up on a "legal basis."

If the media bothered to ask the farmers in Europe what they're protesting about, here is what they would tell them: These restrictions not only entail less food for the people but also the inability of farmers and ranchers to make a living for their own families.

Biden wreaks havoc
This has nothing to do with the climate. It's about forcing the agriculture sector into a partnership with the government. This used to be called fascism, but now it's just called Build Back Better, the Great Reset, or whatever else they plan to rebrand and rename it in the future.

But this is not just happening in Europe. It's just further along than we are. Joe Biden has stated that farmers under his administration are "thriving," but if you talk to any of them, they will tell a much different story.

One Kansas wheat farmer told Fox News that he and his family are in "survival mode." He cited the volatile market, out-of-control diesel costs, and the rising price of fertilizer as the main contributors to their financial woes. Sound familiar?

They want farmers in a no-win situation where partnership with the government is the only option left. Just like the EU, Joe Biden announced a bribe method to reel in farmers and ranchers.

Biden in November announced a $5 billion package for rural communities. It includes many of the same regulations pushed by the European Commission. All that's missing is the compliance checks and legal framework for punishment, but how long before that gets added?

Donald Trump halted our disastrous trajectory that Europe has already embarked on, but how long until Europe's war on food is adapted and implemented by our own government? Do you want a government that can tell farmers what to grow and what not to grow? Do you want to be ruled by unelected bureaucrats who are more concerned with climate goals than whether the American people have enough food?


I saw videos of Dutch farmers in tractors protesting in front of their parliament.

Trudeau is making life harder for farmers here. That maeans food scarcity and higher prices for us. Progs love using inflation to control us.



First it was energy and now it's food. It was inevitable the left would want to control the food supply.
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Quote from: Lokmar on May 15, 2024, 03:50:48 PMYou have to kill the politicians.

Yeah... if they start getting shot then maybe they would start doing the right thing... but it's not just them buggering everything up...

I won't elaborate because I am not interested in being cancelled for whistle blowing.
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Quote from: Lokmar on May 15, 2024, 03:50:48 PMYou have to kill the politicians.
Let's start with Justine. He is destroying the family farm and forcing city folks to go to food banks.
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