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What they won't tell you, because it is politically incorrect, is the the vast, vast, vaaaaast majority of the crime is from black criminals.  Not all blacks are doing it.  In fact immigrant blacks have lower crime rates than either Hispanics or whites, but American black culture has a massive problem with criminality, broken homes, and trying to blame everything on other people for their own poor choices.  Fact.
Quote from: Brent on April 20, 2024, 02:36:56 PMCheap energy is key to raising living standards. Restricting it like progs do has the opposite affect.

Which shows you the goal of the left is to make the west, and only the west, poorer.
Robbed in Oakland while filming a piece about crime in Oakland.
Kermlin backed hacking unit has been caught trying to sabotage water utilities in the US, Poland, and France.
This is how ghettos are created and the left is deliberately creating them.
Garraty got this topic correct even if he is lost in the woods on Russia's military expansionism.  It is always interesting to see people get one topic right but badly miss the mark on another.  Still, hope springs eternal.
Quote from: Brent on April 17, 2024, 02:45:37 PMThe mayor of Brussels is a progtard fascist.

Yep, the socialist literally said conservatives shouldn't be allowed to speak or have a conference together because Antifa and the radical left will cause violence.  He is censoring his political opposition saying his own side will illegally create violence.  He refuses to arrest violent criminals on his side.

This is what the left will keep doing from here on out.  They will claim it is not the violence of the radical left that is the problem but not censoring their political opposition which is the problem.
Quote from: Brent on April 17, 2024, 02:43:56 PMLet me get this straight. He wants to triple metal imports from China, but Americans are supposed to feel better about it because he is putting higher tariffs on those imports that Americans will pay for. Here is a crazy thought, produce domestic metals.

No, he claims he wants to decrease metal imports from China and so he wants to triple the tariff on metal imports from China.  He announced that will speaking to a metal producers labor union.  This is a big change from open borders Biden's "tariffs are bad for workers and regular people" policy and only comes months before the election where he is poll well behind Trump with blue collar workers.

So, in other words, Biden admin is saying "ignore everything I have done while in office and I pinky swear I will completely change everything but not until AFTER the election when it is to late to vote me out if I don't."
Oh, but Biden won't have them take effect u til after the election when one can guess he will quietly cancel them.  Big policy changes just before an election aren't to be believed especially if they don't take effect u til after the election.

Classic election year bait and switch.
Biden is afraid blue collar workers are supporting Trump again so after ignoring them and making their lives worse for his entire presidency the Biden admin decided to suddenly announce tripling metal imports from China with higher tariffs the same day he is campaigning to the Steel Workers Union.
Politics / Re: Canada is lost
April 17, 2024, 10:51:16 AM
I should have put the link here about the Canadian doctor amputating healthy fingers off a man because he claimed to have body dismorphia about feeling like an amputee.
A senior editor at NPR blew the whistle on the radical leftist bent at NPR and how it is openly partisan for Democrats...  And NPR moves to fire him for daring to tell the truth.
Well, this is some fucked up shit.  Canadian doctor amputated healthy fingers from a man who claims to have body dismorphia.
The Flea Trap / Re: Laughter Lounge
April 15, 2024, 06:43:34 PM
Good for him.  People who celebrate Islamic terrorists should be deported.