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Politics / Current US missile defense is obsolete.
February 12, 2024, 03:07:14 PM
The reality is the current U.S. missile defense tech is obsolete and the tech to defeat it has been around at least since the 1970s.  Now, it is still good for convention ballistic missiles but in the 1970s the USSR operationalized and deployed hypersonic glide vehicles and "factional orbital bombardment" (the U.S. has this as well) but in the last 10 years the Chinese Communist Party has gotten big into this.  The problem?

It makes it extremely difficult for traditional missile defense systems to successfully intercept and destroy incoming missiles.  Check out this video at about 39 minutes.
The insanity and sheer stupidity of this black female pig creature.  People are just getting on a airplane, no meaningful contact, but toxic entitled black woman goes ape shit because she sees a black man with an Asian girlfriend.  Just total chimp out on every way, fighting on the plane, even when deplaned she attacks police, has to be cuffed and carried off by four officers because of her random chimp out.

Seriously, put this lunatic down
I find stuff like this fascinating.

Personally, I wouldn't call them cities in any classic sense as they are really just sprawling low density collections of villages but they were relatively close together and did cooperate of communal architecture.  Even if it was just in the most basic form of water diversion projects/flood control, the creation of earth mounds for religious purposes or for people to retreat to/live on during floods or even basic canals so villagers could trade and communicate with each other.

The low density nature of these sprawling "cities" is probably due to the limitations of available agriculture.  The moscovoy duck was domesticated in the Amazon but nothing else, there is evidence of fish farming, manioc(casava) was grown and probably domesticated there, plus there is extensive evidence that sweet potatoes arrived from the Andes region, but other than that it was mostly fruit orchards.  People would clear forrests then plant various fruit and other useful trees as a kind of orchard permaculture. 

They never got out of the stone age and because of the severe shortage of stone it was mostly a bone, wood, and clay age leaving very little physical surviving into the modern age.  Very early explorers did describe large numbers of people living in the region as farmers and hunter gatherers but when the next group arrived 100 years later virtually no people were there. 

Pretty obviously diseases from the old world wiped them out and the remain groups are just the descendents of the few survivors.
Ok, so near my house there is an old best buy location which shut down a little less than two years ago.  The news reports say the space is 36,000 spuare feet and that it is being subdivided so that a new Trader Joe's location can take half of it.  I am wondering what sort of retailer might be interested in the other half?  Which would be about 18,000 sq ft.

The best buy closed because there is another one four miles away in a bigger and busier mall.  Around this location there is already a mall with a ton of stores and restaurants (they had a small format Macy's open just in September) including all the big box stores you can think of.  Obviously, Trader Joe's will put it in their lease that the owners can't put in another grocery store next to them so that only leaves non-food retail as it isn't set up for a restaurant. 

My first thought was maybe Harbor freight might be interest though they do have a location about 5-6 miles away.  It is to small for a Kohl's or a Dillard's and we already have all the bother big box stores so...  What can they possibly put in a 18,000 ft2 store front?
The Flea Trap / Las Vegas thread
October 25, 2023, 02:43:09 AM
We've been twice this year so I am kind of Vegas's out but my wife wants to go again and The Palms just sent us a comp for two free nights in November (weekday only).  I may have to dust off my Hopper app and see if I can't find some cheap flights.

For those of you who don't know The Palms (now owned by the San Manual Indians) is an off strip casino resort but it is pretty close to the Vegas strip (maybe 10 minutes away).  It is close to Chinatown which is where you find the best Asian food in Vegas along with the most affordable buffets which still offers all you can eat lobster and crab.  The casinos next to The Palms are the RIO (a dump filled with hookers looking for johns) and The Gold Coast (a locals casino with low table limits, cheap drinks, and decent food specials).  Speaking of food The A.Y.C.E. Buffet at The Palms is legitimately a top 3 buffet in Vegas and the injuns are very generous with giving away free buffets to player's club members.

Next, The Palms has the largest standard room sizes of any hotel in Vegas.  Even the standard room has a full kitchen with stove, microwave, full-sized fridge, a large counter bar with bar stools, two large flat screens, a balcony, and a giant bathroom with both a walk in shower as well as a 2 person Jacuzzi tub. 

A good video showing the rooms.

Another better review

Basically, the CCP has said in their official propaganda said they want to trap the US in 3 wars at the same time via proxies.  One in Ukraine, one between Israel and the Muslims, and a third in Korea.  Then after the US 2aetes it's resources and gets worn down the CCP can successfully attack and conquer Taiwan. 
The Flea Trap / Which mayonnaise brand do you prefer?
August 31, 2023, 02:15:42 PM
I grew up with Best Foods and while it is very consistent it just lacks flavor in my mind plus the ingredients include a lot of questionable processed stuff.  Now days my go to is McCormick's from their plant in Mexico with added lime juice.  It is sold at a good price, I like the extra spices they use (I usually add more) plus it doesn't include all the artificial junk that Best Foods does.  I do wish they didn't use soy bean oil but for the price it is pretty good.  My runner up is Sir Kensington's organic mayonnaise made with avocado oil and this would be my top pick but I don't want to pay $10 for a small jar of mayo.

Which brand of mayo do you prefer and why?
Politics / Oscar El Blue Media
August 08, 2023, 12:17:37 AM
This is a channel run by a Mexican journalist and he is brutally honest honest about the incompetence of the Biden administration.  Just honest truth.

The Flea Trap / Dumb criminals being dumb.
July 24, 2023, 04:06:31 AM
This thread is for news and videos about stupid criminals being stupid.  I will start it out with these car thieves in San Francisco.
So our family cat is an adopted stray and he has never gotten over his habit of immediately trying to eat all of his food the second it is given to him.  I imagine as a young stray he was afraid other strays would take his food if he didn't eat it but the problem is he eats so fast he gets sick and ends up barfing his food back up sometimes.  My son says his friend at school had a similar problem with their pet cat (eating too fast then vomiting) so they bought a "slow feeder bowl" and that solved the problem.

Anyone have any experience with one of those things?
The Flea Trap / So, I bought cheap crap on Temu...
July 13, 2023, 09:26:20 AM
The sizes of all the clothes were comically small, like children's sizes, despite being the correct US sizes on the labels, seriously a large was what a normal small is, plus the quality was really crap.  The "polarized sun glasses" I bought were child's size so I gave them to my youngest son and he broke them in under 5 minutes.  Even before we account possible spying by the CCP the quality is just so bad it doesn't seem worth it.
The Flea Trap / Wagner Mutiny on Russia
June 24, 2023, 11:11:09 AM
Are you guys checking out what is happening in Russia?
The Flea Trap / What happened to the rejected forum?
November 16, 2022, 02:58:45 PM
It seems to be gone.  :(
Because according to leftists only white people can be responsible for their own actions while, supposedly, minorities can never be responsible for their own actions because of mythical "systemic racism".  If more black people commit crimes and so end up convicted and in prison that is supposed "systemic racism" and now if "black and brown" people choose to buy lotto tickets more than white or Asian people do then that is now an example of made up "systemic racism".

Why not just accept that every individual makes choices for themselves and is therefore responsible for their own choices.  Some decide to live below theor means and thus save money while others spend more then they make and thus end up in debt.  Some decide to study hard and get advanced degrees while some look down upon education and pretend it is "trying to be white".  Some decide to gamble while others decide gambling is a waste of money.  Be responsible for your own actions and stop trying to blame made up nonsense like "systemic racism" for your own bad decisions."> ... 0db2475ec0">
The Flea Trap / The town that got buried by the sand.
November 07, 2022, 01:54:45 PM
This is an interesting youtube channel covering interesting and often forgotten historical places in southern California but focused mainly on San Diego.  This video is about the southern California desert town which got buried by sand.  The last residents only moved out in the year 2000 but it was a half century long losing struggle.  It is interesting to see stuff like this.

The Flea Trap / File this under humans are stupid.
October 30, 2022, 01:28:48 AM
146 people are dead as a Halloween Street Party in Seoul, South Korea goes bad.  The crowd seemed to panic as everyone rushed to get to the attractions causing many to get crushed to death by the press of the crowd."> ... 2959259648">
All the moochers are going to use it so you might as well do the same.  You have to have federally issued student loans, not private ones, and it is $20k if you ever got a Pell grant or $10k otherwise. Parents who took out student loans to help a child can also get $20k."> ... index.html">