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Quote from: Brent on Today at 03:28:43 PMThat bs stat from the government reminded me of another bs stat the government stated. It stated that Muslims were far more likely to be victims of terror in Canada than perps. :crampe:

Libs blatantly lie.

They lie about badness.

They cover it up.

They lie about how climate change solutions are going to work meanwhile they rip out carbon sinks (green bush) and plant solar panels in their place.

They should be putting panels on factory buildings if they really work at solving climate and quit ruining virgin habitat.. I am just using that as an example.... there are hundreds of things people do back to front.. and social problems.

But conservatives attitudes fail so they may never get government control again.

I don't know about you but my faith of ever seeing good government ever again has evaporated.

The crazies are running the asylum.

Quote from: Rancidmilko on Today at 01:21:47 PMYa know, these days I don't even know what's the worst one, Islam, Communism or some sort of depraved liberal dystopia, like what we're seeing in Brazoo

Liberal dystopia.
Quote from: reaps the honest on Today at 08:47:45 AMNot many as they get labeled as an apostate with many of them being killed.

You can't leave Islam. It drives them nuts (even more than normal) to the point where they think it's ok to kill said person. Lovely people those Muzzies.

Why do we let them immigrate to our countries?
@Thiel this is the story and it's a great story.


But you are not alone in the great brown land. We in the frozen bits are also having a lot of trouble with the natives as well. And, as expected, the people who try to defend their "culture" don't realize what a horrid culture it was/is. Years ago, we had a friend (RIP) who was a native Eskimo born in Alaska. She and her white husband moved to Alberta where we met them. At a party one evening, one of the boors in the room asked her if she ever missed the old ways. She replied with "The old ways? You mean like starving for weeks on end waiting for the men to find a seal to steal from the polar bears? You mean like waiting in agony for perhaps months while the medical people in Ottawa are trying to get a plane to get you to civilization for a kidney stone removal? You mean like living at minus 60 degrees in a snow house that is barely bigger than the bathroom I have in my nice warm house now? If I am cold now, I go to the wall and turn up the thermostat. If I am hungry now, I get in my nice warm car and go to the grocery store where I can buy anything I want from almost any area of the world that I want. My kids go to a very nice school. The only lump in my oatmeal right now is the fact that my husband has to work shift work but he does earn more money in a year than my entire tribe did back home in a year.

Yeah. I sure miss the old ways."

There you have it. One of the natives who managed to adapt to the white mans' ways.

BTW, her daughter ended up as a doctor working in a burn unit. Her son was a pressure welder who worked on some fairly exotic metals. Between the two of them, they earn well over a million dollars a year.

Or they could have stayed with the old ways and starved waiting to steal a seal away from a polar bear.

OTOH, we still do have a lot of natives here who get far too much gubmint money and destroy their lives because of it. Many don't make it past thirty or so.
Quote from: Thiel on April 20, 2024, 06:09:53 PMThere are a lot of reserves in Canada where nobody earns a private sector paycheck. Me thinks the Canadian government is not counting a lot, if not most reserves plus a lot of urban Natives.

I assume hunting and fishing are carried out on reserves.

I watched Kevin Coster's, Yellowstone and that show features American Indians on their reservation with teaching jobs and businesses. I assume (and probably wrongly so) Canadian Indians have a similar thing going on.

On another Canadian board I go to one of the members has an Indian daughter in law and she is grateful they don't live starving between finding polar bear kills of seals and freezing anymore.

He wrote a really good post  about his Indian DIL.
Quote from: Thiel on April 20, 2024, 06:06:57 PMIn 2023 it was $1.3 trillion.

Well you wrote 2022 not 23.

26 million of us Aussies have 3 trillion in our superannuation accounts.
Why is there a naked man on that video?
They won't appreciate it either..

They think it's their rights.

What type of immigrants will they be?
Quote from: Brent on April 20, 2024, 03:20:14 PMThat bs figure from StatsCan made me  :crampe:

What do you think are the correct figures?
@Brent according to Google our abos only have 12% unemployment but Canadian abos have 40 % unemployment...

What percentage of aboriginals are unemployed in Australia?


Based on the 2021 Census, the unemployment rate among Indigenous Australians aged 15–64 was 12% (around 36,000 of 289,700 people, based on Census counts (Table D2. 07.3).



Employment rate of Aboriginals in Canada 2007-2022
Published by Statista Research Department, Mar 11, 2024
 From 2007 to 2022, the employment rate of Aboriginals in Canada has fluctuated slightly. In 2022, the employment rate of Aboriginals in Canada stood at 60.5 percent, an increase from the previous year when the employment rate stood at 56.4 percent.
Quote from: Brent on April 20, 2024, 02:27:36 PMMass immigration and keeping Indians on the welfare lifestyle. That is what progtards in Canada want.

Don't Indians want to work?

Quote from: JOE on April 20, 2024, 11:38:01 AMYeah it was pretty bad @caskur askur during the Depression. Hardly anyone had a paying job. Many people worked for free. But both my parents' families did OK cuz they had businesses or enterprises which fed them & paid the bills. So self-employment saved them. 1 of my Grandfathers had a business selling coal. The other had a farm & it fed his family.

With AI coming & a looming recession people will need to find ways to employ themselves. Working for others or relying on government handouts will be insufficient.

Thankfully both sides in our family had businesses too... dads parents and mums parents.

My dads mother used to tell me about the depression... her father  (my great grandfather) earned good money because he was secretary of the railway union.

20-30 years ago it was a big deal the oldies were telling their stories about the depression to young people and how they survived it but only sob stories and bullshit about abos is shoved down kids necks these days warping stories... they are not learning history in its entirety.

Quote from: DKG on April 20, 2024, 10:59:43 AMI am not saying there aren't circumstances that warrant the existence of social assistance. I am talking about welfare as a career.

I this hypotentical case, there would be a life insurance payout, and possibly a survivor benefit from Canada Pension. Any private pension contributons of the late spouse could accessed too at an early age. Social assistance may not be required.

It was my mother that was widowed who had to live on the savings in her bank book and it took a long time to get the life insurance and widows pension because obviously a spouse missing at sea is no proof someone is dead... and a life insurance policy only covered the new mortgage so my mother used my inheritance to pay for her new house...

Life insurance does not cover 5 people's whole lives. And if it wasn't for  a Labor politician there wouldn't have been widows pensions.

the airforce one was the best for clarity but it was shocking and he wasnt thinking of his parents that is for sure.
Quote from: Biggie Smiles on April 20, 2024, 12:47:05 AMAnother idiot

Why is there an idiot screaming out "get on the ground, get on the ground" and then standing over the body pointing a gun.?