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Black Pegasus listening to real

Quote from: Biggie Smiles on April 20, 2024, 12:43:39 AMIs it too soon?

I'd set myself on fire if I had to listen to that rubbish music all day.

Have you heard of Black Pegasus? He is a pro rapper and very cool guy to boot.

All the rappers are getting into music in the good old days ...
Ahhhh, here is one of them... Mark 6: 4
Jesus said to them, "Only in his hometown, among his relatives and in his own house is a prophet without honor."

And Luke 4: 24  So he said: "Truly I tell you that no prophet is accepted in his home territory.
Prophets aren't accepted in their own homes.

Now where is that scripture?
That was horrific. I wonder if they are possessed.?
I hate boongs true but little 10 year olds that never asked be born in that repulsive culture and don't stand a chance, deserve compassion.
Forget it Row, I am never going to talk about money with you....

And please refrain from telling the people here lies you make up about me as if you know anything about my private life.

You have always ASSumed wrongly. It is pigheaded ignorance.
Quote from: Lokmar on April 19, 2024, 08:20:52 PMMy grandmother and her siblings were dirty and literally starving. Yea, I expect the govbernment to take them away.

everyone was starving back then... it was the Great Depression.

And no, the government should have provided food for the kids.
Quote from: Moonie on April 19, 2024, 09:24:37 PMIt's satanic and it hides behinds being "described" as very peaceful.  I know this because I grew up learning about the religion. Right now on tik tok there are many converting.  It's mind blowing.  I think people are hearing about the Gaza war and are now fascinated with Islam so it's a way to use it to their advantage it's so sick. My real name looks like a Muslim name but it's great because I get on their lives and start speaking how Jesus is the true Son of God.  That's how I have been spending my time lately.  They get so freaking pissed.  :crampe:

It goes the other way to but I am not sure how popular Muslim conversion to Christian is. I know of only two personally.
Quote from: Lokmar on April 19, 2024, 06:27:52 PMTake them where? Take them away from him and worry about where after!

tsk... that isn't  a plan.

so you think there are 10s of thousands of people just waiting to take in a strangers neglected problem children out of the goodness of their hearts huh?

It wouldn't be because they are a source of income eh?

Children are more unsafe in foster care than with their useless shitty parents.

yesterday a 10 year old abo kid committed suicide in foster care,

I don't want the government anywhere near me thank you very much. 

Welfare programs are usually scams.

That 1.6 trillion most like went to the running of the programs and not the welfare recipients.

If people get a chance to read Mike Tyson's story they will learn about all the house robberies he did with older kids.

That is what juveniles do. Their parents don't have extra money so their kids rob...  just like feudal England with the pick pockets in Oliver Twist...they break into old people places looking for prescribe drugs, jewelry and cash... and they will punch up pensioners.

I have brain fog atm..  what were those lump sum payments called? Stimulus? Something like that.
Quote from: Thiel on April 19, 2024, 05:44:34 PMPeople are not supposed to be "live on" the dole. It is purposely set low for a reason.

Even with low payments too many people have decided it is preferable to working. In 2022, the United States spent $1.6 trillion on welfare programs.

That is because covid was rampant and people were given those lump sum payments...right?