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Nobody is being duped.

If you agree to a price and the market falls, that is just tough luck.

Quote from: JOE on November 28, 2023, 02:42:33 AM

You have age spots on your hands, Senile Joe.

I feel a little bad for picking on such an old man.
Quote from: JOE on November 28, 2023, 02:00:06 AMYeah, I currently live in an apartment.

but so what? I can move out any time buy a property somewhere else.

I am looking at property outside of Vancouver as I'm not interested in buying here. I indicated that several times to you. Actually, there are some nice properties which cost less than you paid for your Corvette, Prowler. That's another thing I'd rather put money into than an overpriced car like you bought/paid for.

Again, you will discover that your Corvette will be worth far less than you paid for it in the near future, Prowler. You remind me a lot of this 80 something guy I met at a gas station who was bragging about his 1992 Corvette. "Thonny, my Corvette does 155 mph. It was owned by the President of the Corvette Association of Vancouver. Oh and by the you wanna buy it? I'll sell it to you for $35,000!"

That's what he said to me Prowler. And that's you in 30 years.

Only you'll be trying to peddle off your 2023 model like that old man I met at the gas station.

Time to live like an adult, Senile Joe.

Buy your own house, you idiot.
Quote from: TheProwler on November 27, 2023, 04:26:13 PMTell us about your apartment.

One bedroom, right?

Quote from: JOE on November 27, 2023, 11:01:11 PMActually i could buy your Corvette outright without financing but its such a waste of money. No use throwing good money after bad

Oerdin was right about your car Prowler

You shouldn't throw your money at a depreciating asset

I bet by now its worth 1/2 of what you paid for it

For what you paid for your car i could buy a Canada 1921 50 cent piece and it would appreciate 100% in ten years

Not like yer hunk a junk Prowler

Youll be lucky enough fya get $20,000 ten years from now. Heck my coin collection will be worth more than yer cars Prowler

That has to be the most ungraceful avoidance of a question that I have ever seen.

Quote from: JOE on November 27, 2023, 12:05:26 PMWell Brent whenever I buy these trinkets I always try to buy them below market price & there are always a steady stream of potential buyers should I wish to sell them one day. So if I pay $5,000 for something I want to get $5,000 or more back. Generally speaking I don't buy what I feel I can't re-sell. Or low quality items with poor resale value. So i try to buy  recognizable items with brand name recognition. Ie buy a Picasso or Chagall rather than a no name artist because quite obviously the former have a much better chance of reselling since they are famous brand name artists.

So yes im aware that i may one day have to cash them in. They are fun for a period in your life but a person can't take them with them. People need to be aware that when they ' own' something they are in reality just 'renting' them until one day someone else will come along and become the 'new owner' until they also have to pass it on

Tell us about your apartment.

One bedroom, right?
Quote from: JOE on November 24, 2023, 04:57:54 PMStill...I feel a tinge of guilt when I hold those 'tings knowing full well that my Grandfather, Father and relatives likely never got a chance to handle those a gold coin because they were either too poor or too busy working on the farm or some menial job trying to get by.

I can just see Senile Joe in a dark room playing with his gold coins.

He is like a retarded chimpanzee.

Joe should learn to just admit when he was wrong.
Quote from: JOE on November 24, 2023, 02:31:27 what could they have done to prevent this?

The market fell after they agreed to buy the house, so the builder had to offer incentives that they missed out on.  They cannot control that, unless they could have had it written into the purchase agreement that any incentives offered before their closing date must be offered to them; this is common when factory-ordering a car.

They should have got the occupancy fees and maintenance fees in writing in their purchase agreement, if it was possible.

Both of these are reasonable terms that I would have insisted on, but I am a better negotiator than most people.  Shit, I am a better negotiator than most seasoned lawyers.

Quote from: JOE on November 24, 2023, 02:31:27 AMWhat other alternatives of housing ownership could they have considered?

All the other options that are not buying a condo that has not been built yet.  What kind of question is that!?!?!?

Quote from: JOE on November 24, 2023, 02:31:27 AMDiscuss.

Not much to discuss.  I covered it all.

At your age, it is really surprising that you do not understand these things, Joe.
Joe got overly defensive because he was caught (again).
If misinformation was wealth, Joe would be a billionaire.
BTW, shoveling snow is easy.  And I have not used an engine block heater ever in the winter.

Do you think I live in Northern Alberta?  Haha!!
Quote from: JOE on November 20, 2023, 10:09:31 PMwell, I'd never consider buying real estate where you live Prowler.

If you don't mind saying this, it looks like a depressing shithole.

At this point I'd rather buy property to get away from the winters not live in 'em.

Actually Prowler I'm astonished that resort properties in nice sunny climates are 1/2 or less of what ya'd pay for property in Canada with really inhospitable climates.

If shovelling snow in the winter or plugging yer car in to power it up in sub-freezing weathers, be my guest.

And y'know Prowler, all those stereotypes Americans have about Canadians are from where you live, eh?

Do you even know where I live, Senile Joe?
Quote from: JOE on November 20, 2023, 12:41:24 PMLike...a person doesn't buy property with the intent they'll take a huge loss on it. Same with stocks. Same with commodities or bitcoin. Really, when ya take the mask offa anything, they're all the same Prowler. They just wear a different face but the end game should always be to at least break even or make a profit on em.

Only an idiot would compare property with stocks or other investments.

A house you can live in.  You can use it directly to live life better.

The same goes for all kinds of assets that are useful.

There is no point in saving and investing if you are never going to use that money for something that brings you pleasure.

It is really pathetic the way you think, Joe.  Always thinking about future wealth and never enjoying your life.
Quote from: Herman on November 20, 2023, 01:17:47 AMYou still taking old Joe's troll bait.

Can you imagine how Joe feels?

He is trying so hard to paint a picture of an interesting person....and he is just coming off as a weirdo shut-in who collects uninteresting things.

He must feel really inadequate.

Oh, and he is not going to buy real estate in Vancouver.  I think he mentioned that.....

How fascinating.
Quote from: JOE on November 19, 2023, 12:25:11 PMHaven't lost anythin' yet since I have sold anything, Prowler.

But...I usu buy the collector stuff.

There always seems to be a demand for high grade quality collector gold and even silver coins.

I never buy below Mint State (MS-60) and officially graded (NGC, PGCS, ANACS, ICCS, etc) cuz I noticed that anything lower than that has a hard time selling and attracting buyers. Even AU (Almost Uncirculated) has a hard time selling & when it does an AU coin goes for 1/2 of what a Mint State coin does. AU is still a high quality coin, but it aint high enough, eh Prowler? Not good enough to be taken seriously be collectors. Therefore, Mint State-60 (officially graded) should always be considered the cut-off point to buy at & preferably below coin guide or market value.

As a rule, collectors/buyers never want poor quality grades. Even if it sells, the prices realized are often poor..

I'll post some pics later of high quality Canadian coins I bought over the weekend, eh Prowler?

You know if you put all you inheritance into collectibles, you will not have enough money left over to buy a house.