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Quote from: JOE on May 01, 2024, 09:55:04 PMSo Lokmeer, today I completed an auction where I bought 6.775 grams pure gold (after excluding alloys), paid $660.80 Canadian or $480 US) including shipping/taxes. 31.15 g is 1 troy ounce,  Current spot is $505 USD. Minimum price I saw on Ebay for that coin excluding shipping and taxes is $540 US. So I got it at least $60 US less than the going rate. With taxes and shiping added that might be $100 US saved.

and 9 ounces of pure Canadian Junk silver (after excluding alloys), like you've recommended

Mind you that was some pretty nice 'junk', 80% Silver in each coin:

6 ounces pure silver 50 cent pieces (paid $211 Canadian or about $154 US)
Current spot price is $160

3 ounces pure siver $1 pieces (paid $105.73 including taxes or about $77 US @$25/ounce)
Current spot price $80 US maybe I did about 5% below spot price on all of 'em?

so if it was sold retail might be 10-15% below retail?

That's what I was talkin to you about b'fore - buy below spot & yer laughin' Bud!

My wife transferred $30,000 into her trading account today.

We got too much cash kicking around.

I might buy another car.

What kind of car do you drive, Senile @JOE?
Quote from: DKG on May 02, 2024, 07:26:34 AMIt's a retroactive tax on a group of professionals who do not have access to pensions, sick days or insurance. The vast majority of family doctors and just doctors in general in Canada are practicing through what's called a professional corporation. It's a retroact5ive tax on a group of professionals who do not have access to pensions, sick days or insurance.

A capital gain is the difference between the cost of an asset, a holiday home, an investment property, a stock or a mutual fund and its total sale price.

Right now, only 50 per cent of capital gains are taxable; the budget proposes to increase that "inclusion rate" from 50 per cent to two-thirds on capital gains above $250,000 for individuals.

I agree with Jessica Brandon-Jepp of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce's senior director of fiscal and financial services policy who said the capital gains hike could affect growth. This at a time when Canada is experiencing a productivity crisis.

Former Liberal finance minister Bill Morneau also criticized the proposed changes to capital gains last week, saying it's "clearly a negative to our long-term goal, which is growth in the economy, productive growth and investments."

"This was very clearly something that, while I was there, we resisted. We resisted it for a very specific reason — we were concerned about the growth of the country," he said last week at a post-budget Q&A session with KPMG, one of the country's large accounting firms.

"I think we always have to recognize any measure that creates a disincentive for investment not only impacts us within the country but also impacts foreign investors that are looking at our country."

I know what is going on.  Haha!  I pay tax on Capital Gains every year.

Bill Morneau is worried about.....Bill Morneau.

His opinion is questionable because of his conflict of interest.

Increased tax percentages on increased levels of income is the norm.  This is just applying the same principle to Capital Gains.

And BTW people, this is always an ongoing game with the government.

You know what you all should be thinking about?

Not taxes.

You should be thinking about expenditures.  Government spending.  That is where we all should focus.

Taxes have to pay for the spending.  If the spending was disciplined, there would not be a need for tax increases.
Quote from: JOE on May 02, 2024, 01:23:14 AMActually TheProwlerThe Prowler - I am

I stopped reading there.

If anybody else read more, please let me know if he said anything interesting.
This whole issue is being blown out of proportion.

And while it might appear that popular opinion is against it, remember that people vote anonymously.

Most people like Senile @JOE will tend to like this policy because he has the "stick it to the elite" mentality.  There are a lot of people with that mentality.  They know it will never affect them, so they like it.  So while they follow the pack on this like Senile @JOE and talk like they are against it, secretly they support it.

Politically, I think this is a winning position for the Liberals and I think the Conservatives are fucking up by making it a bigger deal than it really is...
Quote from: DKG on May 01, 2024, 07:16:13 AMMore than one might think.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is rejecting a call from some doctors for his government to reconsider its planned capital gains tax hike.

The doctors warn that the tax change could undermine efforts to recruit and retain physicians in Canada and threaten the stability of the health-care system.

Canadian Medical Association president Kathleen Ross told the Canadian Press earlier Tuesday that many doctors would be be hit by the hike because they incorporate their medical practices and invest for their retirement within their corporations.

Ross said many doctors set themselves up as small businesses, incorporating their practices to help them deliver services to their patients.

In a statement posted on the CMA website, Ross said the hike "will create another barrier to retaining and recruiting physicians in a time when our health system and the providers within it are already under constant strain."

The statement says that the tax increase undermines the well-being of doctors and "jeopardizes the stability of our struggling health-care system" at a time when physicians are already leaving the profession or reducing their hours.

Ross's concerns were echoed by the non-profit organization Doctors Manitoba.,and%20threaten%20the%20stability%20of%20the%20health-care%20system.

That is all theater to highlight the importance of doctors.

Next thing you know, they will be saying they need to be paid more.  That is the end game.

Someone who is earning over $250K per year solely in Capital Gains does not need to be paid more.  And the benefit of sheltering one's investments under a corporation has less benefit now.

That is their real concern.

They are not hitting $250K in Capital Gains.  It is the investments they are sheltering in their corporations.

The investments in their corporations are already taxed at half the rate it would be if they paid themselves.

There is a shortage of doctors and those fuckin' weasels just want to take advantage of taxpayers.  The government should hire some business process analysts to optimize the operations in these private family doctor practices.  We could streamline their operations and justify a significant reduction in their government paid income.

Honestly, fuck them.
Quote from: JOE on May 01, 2024, 01:05:03 AMMy late uncle was a multimillionaire who owned 3 pairs of runners at very most. His family sold the business he built for several million dollars to Gordon Food Services after he died.

He was a frugal hardworking man who dropped out of school during the Great Depression to support his family @TheProwler .

Since he grew up in hard times he didn't throw his money away on frivolous things.

Does anyone know anyone who threw their money away?
Quote from: JOE on April 30, 2024, 10:21:28 PMHey @The Prowler go buy some more runners.

I mean...40 pairs isn't enough.  :s_laugh:

Does anyone know anyone with 40 pairs of runners?

I gotta say, people who are making a big deal about this, but are not constantly making a big deal about increasing tax brackets for higher income amounts, are kinda just jumping on a bandwagon.

Why are you not making a fuss about tax brackets that increase, but making a fuss about this?

On one hand, Senile @JOE complains about people like me who retire early and live off my savings and investments.

Now, on the other hand, he is whining that I am going to be taxed another $20K or so every year.

Thanks for your concern, Senile Joe, but if I cannot handle paying a little bit more in tax then it is my own fault.
I should also mention that Senile Joe is retarded.
Quote from: Lokmar on April 29, 2024, 05:59:57 PMYou stupid fuckers should have assassinated that cunt years ago!!!

Sweet Jeebus! 50% tax outright? OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!! 67%? Best get to it quicker!!!

That video is misleading.

Historically, Capital Gains have only been taxed at 50% of the rate as regular income.  So if you made $X in Capital Gains, you were taxed as if you have regular income of $X/2.  Say your marginal tax rate was 30%.  This would mean the effective tax rate on Capitals Gains was 15%.

This new rate of 67% is only applied on Capital Gains realized over $250K.  Anything before that is still taxed at 50% of the tax rate you will pay on regular income.

In my province, the highest marginal tax rate (for provincial plus federal income tax) is 46.16%.  So the most a person will pay on Capital gains is 23.08% on the first $250K, and 30.92% on the amount over $250K.

Make sense?
Quote from: JOE on April 29, 2024, 04:40:18 PMThis...

....announcing a huge tax increase of any kind right before an election?

C'mon, get real Liberals.

You aint gonna last much longer with policies like that.

That will not affect you, Senile Joe.

It will not affect many people.

Shit, it will only affect me if I have a really good year with my investments.  And it only increase the tax on Capital Gains earned over and above $250,000.
Quote from: Herman on April 26, 2024, 08:25:23 PMBetter than what he gets around in now-city buses.

I really do not give a shit about how most people live their lives.

But Senile @JOE is a real asshole, so I enjoy mocking him.