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Quote from: Adolf Oliver Bush on August 11, 2023, 10:23:23 AM
Oh do go eat a bag of dick you victim. "Waaaaaa, a female impersonator got me banned from a leftie site where they wish cancer on the kiddies... I shall swing my manbag while we all find their antics disgustapating'... drink a bag and cement and harden the fuck up you piss warm beer slurping Bert Newton lookalike!

This is nothing to do with being "holier than thou", it's a bunch of gutless troon loving leftie reacharound merchants twisting your nipples while you go "REE". If anything you ought to be thankful they banned you, their low rent drivel has rotted your fucking brain if my refusal to "be disgusted" at their capers gets you ducking and weaving drunkenly in my direction. I managed to walk away from that shithole over five years ago when I identified its shortcomings and I did it with zero amount of the caterwauling you feel compelled to indulge in today. The fuck is your major malfunction?

You know what - don't bother telling me, I'm not interested. You're here now, fucken be happy it's a place that isn't going to ban your arse   because some transsexual truck driving fuckpuddle with strapon titties gets to whining at the boss that you didn't suck the female penis in quite the way they liked. Surely that's got to count for something you spastic. Get a fucking grip: wishing harm to someone's kids has zero effect until dickheads like you get to leaping up and down and otherwise chimping out over it. If you don't so much as even comment about it (or if you mock and ridiicule it) those goons in the cheap seats will be the ones to lose their shit over their own impotence.

I can't believe I'm having to explain this to you. How old are you anyway? Grow the fuck up!

Oh, shut the fuck up you long winded Giraffe.You know full well I couldn't give two monkeys arses what some lobotomized leftist says or thinks about me or my children.And at no fucking point did I even suggest that you or anyone else should be disgusted by someone saying it.It was infact the OP that suggested that,not me but spin it in that direction if you so wish,moron.The fact you didn't even notice the date on said image and went for the "they made you rage" is quite laughable.Had you have had the intelligence to do so,then you would have noticed that the screen shot was FOUR FUCKING YEARS OLD .So yeah,I really spazzed out you bottom feeding cum gargler.

And you perfectly undertstood the point I was trying to make even if you are being obtuse about it,just for the sake of it.Do you think that I don't know by now how you roll lol? Now go do yourself a favor by not making yourself look like a twat like you always do and go fondle Freuds arsehole or something.I'm trying to read another board and you're fucking disturning my chill.

I'm also glad that you are pleased to see me ,Cunty.

Kisses and hugs ?
Quote from: Biggie Smiles on August 11, 2023, 09:50:41 AM
The data doesn't lie

Libtards are vermin cockroaches with no integrity whatsoever

I imagine it's been closed off now because it's dead as fuck and old b/f doesn't want people laughing at him for allowing Flynn to destroy meltdown.
What made me chuckle as well was that it was only a few weeks b ack that you predicted that I would be the next poster banned.I laughed when I read that,And then it happened lulz.
Shall we also put an end to the narrative that the lib-tards were trying to spin before they banned me from that place.Which was I must have done something truly awful to her or her children to make her say such a comment.
Again many thanks to biggie for making it known all you had to do was click on the karma post and it would take you straight to the post that provoked such a responce.Now as everyone can see,she got a bit of a kick in her bucket crutch from moi but I never mentioned her children nor was particularly mean.

Sorry about your feelz lib-tards but old Lotus is just a bigger shit head as we all can be from time to time.
Quote from: Adolf Oliver Bush on August 11, 2023, 07:13:50 AM
I personally couldn't give a shit. We have people on our own side that have brought their opponents kids up for scrutiny and ill wishes, it's an attack that is supposed to wind up the opponent. I refuse to be wound up by it, rendering the entire attack impotent and meritless.
Channeling his inner Cenk Uyger was he?

You missed the point slighty.Nobody was would up by it but if you are going to continuously act like you are holier than holy.then you darn well better hope that you've never done anything that could be considered undesirable.And that really was the point that I was trying to make  by bringing it to light.
Quote from: Biggie Smiles on August 10, 2023, 03:20:53 PM
I took note of how quickly and badly the Moberators over there wanted any talk of their intent to sexualize shut down immediately.

Talk of pedo morphed into a discontinuance of any conversation about the topic even if it is being done so in response to current events which we all see around us

wonder why that is?

Yeah,I wonder (rolls eyes).
Quote from: Biggie Smiles on August 10, 2023, 02:41:46 PM
The really cool thing about that Karma log is the fact that it can take you to the thread which sparked the reaction.

I visited the thread and saw where you were poking her really bad and the subject was about attacking children.

Go see for yourself what I am talking about.

Just popped ovet to S/G and well I did give her a bit of a cunting lol.And you're right the thread was about children.This looks really bad for Lotus.Not for the kicking I gave her but the fact it was all about children once again.
Quote from: Biggie Smiles on August 10, 2023, 02:36:07 PM
418 guests at SG right now

the window lickers are lining up to witness for themselves Lotusbud's nastiness


They must be going nuts now that thing has been exposed.What's funny is that she's always been an insignificant tard to me that wasn't worth the time to expose.It was only after I saw her acting all high and mighty with Ayran that I chose to take her down a peg or two.
I better shut me mouth for a bit now anyway.I don't want big bad Flynn banning me for longer  :crampe:.

I'll have a look over there in a week or so just so I can lmfao at the same three people posting to each other.
Quote from: Biggie Smiles on August 10, 2023, 02:19:38 PM

My minions tell me there are at least 4 running threads crying about me over there

A rather cowardly move considering it takes a protective bubble with guest viewing turned off to make them feel safe enough to post  :crampe:

I better have atleast two lol !
I'd imagine a few heads are imploding over at b/f after you provided that link too lol.

I bet it's "biggie and reap" are trolling.Biggie faked that profile bla,bla,bla.

The truth hurts,eh lib-tards.
Quote from: Biggie Smiles on August 10, 2023, 02:13:04 PM
That's right

BF did say he wanted to rape flea's children. Her dogs too

and he said he'd allow her husband to watch

Now, say what you will about flea and/or her husband but my money is on @Erica Mena 's husband if he and Lurch start to scrap. I don't think BF would make it out alive.

just sayin

Well yeah,I'd imagine after his time in prison that the guy would be quite handy in a scrap.
Quote from: Biggie Smiles on August 10, 2023, 01:48:00 PM
Keep one thing crystal clear in your mind

@Oerdin ASKED Bunghole Factory if he could attack Poofer with this allegation BEFORE doing so.

An allegation to this day has never been proven or dis-proven.

But that's inconsequential

what is consequential is that BF sanctioned this character hit job which is itself a stark departure from his own rules, because just a few days before Poofer called his lame ass out on his over moderation.

How's that for big fat wet pussy>?

Yeah I did notice that and made it crystal clear that if you let one accusation go then you have no choice to let them all go.Did you notice as well that with the exception of Vitty who walked away that every poster that got shit-canned was right wing? Just coincidence I guess (sarc).

And let's not forget that bastard factory himself was more than happy to make out that he wanted to rape Fleas children.
Quote from: Biggie Smiles on August 10, 2023, 01:22:24 PM
Let's not forget how the Triglyceride Saurus Rex and Shamoodock silly whale were insinuating nonstop without consequence that Prowler was a kiddie fiddler because he donates his time to coaching sports

Yeah, one sided applicability of the ever changing ruleset for sure.


And as you know Poofer is no great friend of mine but they let the peedo accusation against him go on all weekend.And did f.all to stop it.

As you said,selective moderation.It made me chuckle watching Fylnn make an arse of itself "no child abuse on my watch".Really Flynn ? Well unless his name is Poofer.