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Re: Forum gossip thread by caskur

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Started by Biggie Smiles, July 26, 2023, 07:03:09 PM

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Biggie Smiles

Please note that moving forward Sunrise is the only theme which will be officially supported

All new features and enhancements will go into this theme. I personally like NightBreeze but getting all of the feature enhancements to work on this them is a nightmare

NightBreeze will continue to exist since it is such a nice theme but you will notice a difference in the available options moving forward

Adolf Oliver Bush

I'm enjoying the UX experience. Clean, dark, no muss no fuss.
Her fucking fupa looked like a pair of ass cheeks... like someone naked ran into her head first and got stuck. She was like "come eat me out" and I was like "nah I think I'll go snort some anthrax and light myself on fire instead"

 - Biggie Smiles


Yeah UX is nice

it's staying.

thus far Dani is the only one getting ditched

and maybe NightBreeze


I only tried two or three themes.  That should be enough.


Quote from: Herman on July 27, 2023, 04:30:44 PM
I only tried two or three themes.  That should be enough.

Oh young grasshopp.... it's a visual thing. If a forum is hard on the eyes, it might be the difference of new blood or forum necropsy